Why choose M R Law?

Why choose M R Law

We are specialists in medical negligence and personal injury claims as we deal with nothing else, yet we are also approachable, offering straightforward advice and an unsurpassed quality of service.

Importantly, we still guarantee:

You will pay nothing whether you win or lose the claim

We do not charge our clients success fees, as is the case with most solicitors specialising in this area of work. The responsible party pays for our services if you win and we take the risk of not being paid if you do not succeed.

You will retain 100% of any compensation recovered

You will not need to pay any legal costs, success fees or insurance premiums from the damages you recover. Whatever your claim is worth, you retain that sum.

You will speak directly to an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer at all times

We are a team of experienced and qualified lawyers specialising solely in personal injury and medical negligence claims. All our clients receive a specialist and expert service from their first point of contact.

Our expertise ensures we recover maximum awards of compensation yet we also understand the long-term impact injuries can have and we will ensure suitable treatment and rehabilitation is arranged.

Client satisfaction with our services remains of paramount importance to us and this ensures we receive regular recommendations from existing clients to represent other individuals.

More reasons to choose M R Law?

To read more about our philosophy, please read this PDF.